The Smart Ring 1

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Meet the ring of the future.

Say goodbye to carrying around your wallet and keys everywhere you go! Using advanced technology, this first ever "smart" ring allows you to pay for things at the wave of a hand, unlock doors without a key and so much more.

Using NFC technology, you can program this ring to do a whole lot more. Store data, open doors, make payments, even exchange cryptocurrency! Worried about data theft? It scans your fingerprint to make sure your information is kept safe.

The Smart Ring is the perfect gadget for early technology adopters and a fantastic gift for the entire family. Even use it to open and start your vehicle.

Unlock Your Phone Upon Picking It Up
Open Your Front Door
Start Your Car
Public Transport Pass
Acts As Your Credit Card
Stores And Automatically Enters Passwords

The ring connects to your phone using bluetooth to let you manage all the accounts it interacts with. Makes leaving the house as easy as checking your finger.
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-No need to charge the battery 
-Waterproof, dust-proof and fall-proof
-High Speed NFC Dual-core Chips


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